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Red Wine
Red Wine


We Are The Leading Independent National Liquor Company dedicated to the Nursing Home and Aged Care community.

Proudly 100% Australian owned and 100% dedicated to the Aged Care industry.


My Cellars Direct is a nationwide independent liquor beverage company established in 2017. We are dedicated to the Lifestyle and Aged Care sector. We have established partnerships with liquor industry leaders that provide reliability, security, and restaurant quality products.

Our partnerships ensure national coverage, with next day delivery to capital cities in Australia. My Cellars Direct have reviewed key industry requirements and have developed a best practice procedure for Liquor Procurement on a national level.

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Non-Alcoholic Beer & Wine

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20 years experience
Senior Sales Management in Pharmaceutical and Hospitality industries

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Let us help you to upgrade to the My Cellars Direct ordering system. The savings will begin immediately 

Fully licensed and insured. Committed to sustainability and recycling.

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Alcohol free / low alcohol wine and beer options available

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Customer Service 1300 108 508

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

National network with safe COVID-19 contactless delivery in place

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On-line portal available soon

Quality Products 
Key wine industry partnerships provide exceptional quality and value

Tiered Wine List
Budget House pour to Luxury wine list. Catering to all tastes and budgets

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My Cellars Direct has agreements nationwide with Nursing homes & Aged Care Organizations.

We would like to provide a few examples of direct savings that have been achieved within our existing network.

18% Saving

Aged Care Group with 39 sites: Bulk Supply Agreement
By including selected house wine and standard beer options, this national group achieved savings of $484.00 per site annually
$18,876.00  saving per annum across all sites


Aged Care Group with 81 sites: Study on freight services 
8 cartons x $10.00 per carton = $80.00 saving per site monthly
$80.00 x 12 months =  $960.00 saving per site per annum
81 Sites x $960.00 = $77,760.00 saving across the group per annum with FREE Delivery

18% Decrease in 
spend nationally

Aged Care Group with 81 sites: Implementation of a national purchasing & delivery system.
By introducing a standard range of wine and beer, a 18% decrease in total spend was recorded across the group.

 This national wine list provided a standardized offering which helped each site remain within a specified budget for all alcohol purchased.


Aged Care Group with 65 sites – Projected saving by consolidating purchasing

My Cellars Direct have reviewed the estimated volume of alcohol being purchased by a staff members, across a national group. The man hours lost were calculated by site and added to the savings from on-line ordering and free delivery. With cost savings across purchasing and distribution, the saving equated to over $240,000.00 per financial year.

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Red Wine

My Cellars Direct would be delighted to share how we can add value to your Aged Care group. 


Our results show we can provide the most cost effective way for Procurement teams to purchase wine and beer on a national basis.


Let us provide a tailor made wine, beer and sprits list to provide consistent and affordable drinks for your residents.

We are 100% dedicated to the Aged Care and Nursing Home sector

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